7 Signs That You’re Being A Psycho Girlfriend

There are girlfriends which they obviously care for their men but sometimes, they may be caring too much and start to be irritating and annoying. Some of these girls aren’t even aware of the line they’re crossing and labeled as “psycho girlfriends.”

I consider myself as a psycho girlfriend too! (I can’t help it! But trust me, I only became this psycho with my current boyfriend) I’ve discussed some of these signs with him and they’ve been approved with a big check. I may be a psycho girlfriend but I will never reach the point where I would start being an annoying and super irritating one. I think I know my limits.

So here are the signs that you’re being a psycho girlfriend.

1. Stalker!


Yes, it’s quite normal for a girlfriend to stalk her boyfriend but constantly checking or suspecting him if he’s going to do something that you’re not gonna like is not good for your relationship. As well as, checking if he liked girl pictures or posts on social media. Remember that you built this relationship with him with trust and it is important for you to know that constantly stalking him means that you don’t trust him. If he’s liking girl pictures and that bothers you so much, might as well tell him upfront so that he’ll know that it bothers you.

2. Too Jealous


Being jealous is okay because it shows that you really care and love your guy but being jealous of his female friends is an example of being too jealous. Even if all they do is simply chat or talk! For example, his female friend asked him how was he doing, etc. Then you’re gonna over think about how pretty she is, how good she is at things, how better she is (for you). But remember that despite having those “beautiful” friends, your boyfriend still chose you to be with! Now, if that’s something not worth smiling, I don’t know what is.

3. Overly Attached


Did you know that if you get used to spend waaay too much time with your boyfriend you end up missing him so much even if you just saw him about 10 minutes ago? If you’re overly-attached that it comes to the point where he doesn’t have his own space anymore, girl you gotta stop. You have to remember that you have your own life and he have his own so make sure to give each other spaces or a little time by yourselves.

4. You Don’t Accept No for An Answer


It’s like arguing with him and not taking no for an answer even if he’s being completely reasonable or he has a point or if you keep on insisting him with what you want then you’ll get mad afterwards if he didn’t agree with you. You have to remember that not everyone can tolerate your wrong behavior a.k.a spoiled princess ass. Everybody has their own limits and if you pushed him too far, it may lead him to eventually ending up your relationship.

5. Endless Text Messages or Missed Calls


Just because he didn’t reply to your message doesn’t mean he’s talking to other girls or maybe you’re not important to him anymore. Do you ever think that maybe he’s probably taking a nap, a bath, doing homework or doing other important stuff, so before you shower his phone with missed calls and text messages, make sure that you consider those first.

6. Calling Him Names and Saying Hurtful Words


Do not call your boyfriend names even if you’re angry. Remember that we shouldn’t trust our mouth when we are upset. Calling him names and using hurtful words prove that you don’t value his feelings. If you want him to value your feelings, do the same. Hey, boys are sensitive too!

7. Crying to Blackmail Him


Manipulating your boyfriend or making “pacute” at him to get what you want it’s not okay. If you really love him, you shouldn’t be using his soft spots. For example, if you’re arguing with him or you pissed him off, don’t use those tears to turn the story around!

That’s all I got for now, if you consider putting more signs that you’re being a psycho girlfriend, do message or tweet me! All gifs are from giphy.


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