DIY Brow Serum

Hey everyone! 👋🏼 I purchased some castor oil online and I heard that it’s effective to grow out your brows. Since my brows aren’t thick as what I want them to be, I figured that I should give it a shot. ✨

You will need:

60ml castor oil, it says it’s organic and natural, we’ll see about that and I also bought it for 150PHP

Johnson’s baby oil with aloe vera and vitamin E, I’ve researched that aloe vera and vitamin E are also effective to grow your brows so why not?

10g small container for 29.75PHP at Watson’s

Here are the simple three steps in making your diy brow serum:

1. Fill the container 1/2 of each ingredient

2. Stir!!!

3. Apply it to your brows and lashes using your fingers or a clean mascara wand then you’re done!


It has been two weeks but I still haven’t achieve the brows that I wanted so I will come back after a month and update this post for any changes, with pictures! So, why don’t you do it with me, then? Leave a comment below if this tutorial has been effective to you lately. 🙂