Throwback: Anniversary

(Some sentences/words are in Tagalog 🇵🇭)

Last February 2015, I wanted to give my boyfriend a gift with some sweet stuff! The gift was supposed to be for our anniversary but I didn’t finish it on time since I was busy studying for midterms and the finals. But last March, I was finally able to give it to him! I got two boxes. One medium-sized box and a smaller box. So I wasn’t able to take pictures of it. Dapat pipicturan ko each kaso nakalimutan ko haha! 😅 So pinapicturan ko nalang sa kanya. I told him not to arrange it anymore ‘cause it wasn’t necessary. 

Inside the medium-sized box, I got some little flag banners written with “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY”, with one sweet short letter above it. Inside it was also, “Open When Letters” which was supposed to be 10 letters but I lost the three envelopes since the house has been such a mess ever since we started renovating it. Such a bummer. Anyway, there was a 365 jar as well! The notes inside this jar is what I sometimes do at school whenever I had a free time. Etong jar lang ang napicturan ko huhu.

I also got some Love Survival Kit from Papemelroti, a shirt from Artwork that says, “Haggardo Versowza”, a coin purse with the same design that he lost a month ago, the last coffee in a sachet that we ever bought together before I got really sick and some socks from Iconic with aliens on it since we always wanted to get ourselves some socks there. On the smaller box, it was supposed to be foods that he like. But he calls it sadness kit so that whenever he’s sad and misses me, he could just eat from the food there. I got him three Twix (his favourite chocolate), two Meiji Apollo, one Meiji Coffeebeat, two Skyflakes and one can of Century Tuna Lite. He likes to eat tuna flakes in which he spreads the tuna in the cracker then tops it with another cracker like a sandwich! I was so happy seeing him happy. He repeatedly hugged me while we watch The Gods of Egypt. He keeps on saying that he was so lucky to have me and that he really loves me. I guess when you’re with the right person, they bring out the best in you; like he did. He just didn’t know I’m more blessed to have someone like him than himself. I didn’t mind na mag-effort ng bongga para sa kanya. It was my first time to do such thing. I’m happy na finally ang mga efforts ko is appreciated na. 😊💕💯